WTF is this site about?!
This is a blog chronicling the oppression of the christian man in America, in the world, in society, and in himself. PLease don't judge or let the fact that my christian orientation/beliefs deter you from exploring the truth of what this blog, this expose, might have to shed light on. Jesus is simply the manner in which i have been introduced to truth, to self. Because Maybe it's your belief that will be next on the chopping block. And we all have beliefs, even those believing in not believing. You will notice that i dont take the time to edit this because i think it interferes with the time I need to spend thinking, doing rather than just make it more gramtically correct so that people don't have a hissy fit. I will do my best to make the meaning as clear as possible, but a typo or two or maybe some missed puctuation wont detract from the meaning i intend to convey. This is a blog of my life.